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Amazing Summer Wedding Venues in the FM Area

Updated: Apr 21, 2023

We have been in the wedding videography game since 2015. Being a Fargo based company, most of our weddings take place #1 in the Fargo-Moorhead area & #2 in the summer (let's face it because Nodak winters can be brutal). We wanted to write a short blog post featuring some of our top picks for summer wedding venues in the Fargo-Moorhead metro.


If you are dreaming of a clean, crisp venue we LOVE working with The Pines! This venue is located in Davenport, ND, which is a short 25 minute drive from Fargo. Their facility is beautifully crafted with white walls, wooden tables + chairs, & twinkle lights.

The Pines allows you to get married in the great hall or outside. They have a variety of options for couples to choose from.

We also love the getting ready space the Pines has curated. It is perfect for a large bridal party to get ready within. It has been designed with photographers + videographers in mind; because the space has a plethora of natural light.

The facilities are great, but it's also important to mention that The Pine's staff is incredible to work with. Emily Finley, the event manager, is a rock star! Overall, the Grain Designs team responsible for The Pines Weddings and Events has put some amazing touches on this venue space. We highly recommend!

Interested in The Pines? --> Click here to learn more.

*They just announced some big news! Go check out their site!

The Pines at a glance:

-up to 400 guests

-open floor plan

-onsite bar

-large bridal suite

-variety of ceremony locations (outdoor + indoor)


Another favorite venue of ours is Rustic Oaks in Moorhead, MN. Rustic Oaks is known for their beautiful woods floors, chandeliers, lanterns, and original vaulted timber showcased in their reception space. Similar to the name, this venue is great for couples wanting a rustic vibe for their special day. The stunning red barn looks awesome in photos and video.

On the grounds of the venue, Rustic Oaks features a guesthouse that provides on-site lodging opportunities for family & friends. It's a great place to for family members to gather, relax, and celebrate! There is another beautiful two-story farm house that is a wonderful space for bridal parties to get ready. Rustic Oaks has ample space for bridal parties & family members.

Rustic Oaks allows you to get married in the reception hall or outside. They have a variety of options for couples to choose from.

Interested in checking out Rustic Oaks? --> Click here to learn more.

Rustic Oaks at a glance:

-up to 300 guests

-rustic look, exposed wood

-onsite bar

-large bridal suite

-guesthouse for family + friends to stay on-site

-variety of ceremony locations (outdoor + indoor)


Another fabulous summer venue is the Vintage Garden in Barnesville, MN. This venue is only a short 30 minute drive from Fargo-Moorhead. It is a beautiful spot featuring two large barns. One is a vintage restored barn that couples often host their dance party within. The second barn on the property is a newly built stable that is a great spot to host the wedding dinner. Both are beautiful structures that photograph and video really well.

Another great feature on the property is their beautiful bridal suite. The bridal suite is a small, quaint house that has been beautifully remodeled!

Similar to the previous venues, the Vintage Garden allows you to get married in the reception hall or outside. They have a variety of options for couples to choose from!

Wanting to check out more of the Vintage Garden? --> Click here for more info!

The Vintage Garden at a glance:

-up to 300 guests

-vintage look, exposed wood

-onsite bar

-renovated bridal suite

-variety of ceremony locations (outdoor + indoor)


If anyone remembers eating at the old Usher's House, you may remember being in this space. Rivenhaven Events Center is a newer venue to the Fargo-Moorhead area, but the structure has been around since 1936. A team very familiar with the wedding and events game took on the project to turn the old Usher's House into what it is today. Check out this article to learn more about the history! (Midwest Nest)

Riverhaven is a fabulous venue located in the heart of Downtown Moorhead and Downtown Fargo. The venue has beautiful views of the Red River and has a number of unique features. One unique feature is at the back of the venue there is a glass room that holds floor to ceiling windows boasting great views of the Red River. The majority part of the reception space if clean, crisp, and white with beautiful chandeliers. Another feature of Riverhaven that we love for summer weddings is that they have an awesome space to host part of your day outside. The property has a boat house that you can host cocktail hour within, or potentially have your live band out there; it's a super fun space to utilize!

Riverhaven has an incredible team as well. We have worked with Kayla and the team in the past, and they are fabulous!

Interested in Riverhaven? --> Click here to learn more.

Riverhaven Events Center venue at a glance:

-open floor plan

-onsite bar

-bridal suite

-variety of ceremony locations (outdoor + indoor)

-unique glass room

-boat house + outdoor space


These four spaces are some of our top choices for summer wedding venues in the FM area!

*Disclaimer: This is not an exhaustive list of what Fargo-Moorhead has to offer; there are other great options out there... these are just some of our Grace Films favorites! :)

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